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Wash your hair with green tea and reduce hair loss

By Hannah Graham |

If you have any sense, you’re drinking green tea regularly and enjoying all the benefits. Your metabolism is turbo-charged, you’re losing fat, losing weight and flooding your body with all those wonderful anti-oxidants. Your teeth are in better shape because of reduced plaque. You have more energy. The catechins in it are thought to help prevent cancers so you’re cutting down on your risk of cancer too.

You don’t have to just drink it to benefit from it, however. Did you know that green tea can help prevent hair loss and other hair disorders?

The same antioxidants that help your body fight the free radicals that attack your cells also help your scalp when you use green tea shampoo. It protects your scalp from infections and gets rid of the impurities.

The catechins help inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, which contributes to baldness. If you like technical jargon, here’s what Dr. Marty Sawaya says about the the benefits, “Using green tea to grow hair probably relates to the evidence for influencing circulating hormones in the body. A high intake of green tea correlates to higher levels of sex hormone-binding protein – or globulin, which carries hormones like testosterone around the body in a bound, unusable form so that tissues cannot use it directly. Testosterone is usually carried around the body by this binding protein, therefore, reducing levels of free testosterone, so that it cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle, which is thought to shorten the hair cycle and cause hair loss in men.”

So if you are at risk for male pattern baldness, not only should you make sure that your shampoo contains green tea, you should also drink it every day. You can take capsules instead but fresh, brewed tea is the best. It also relaxes the blood vessels and improves circulation, which also helps with hair loss.

Even if you don’t have hair problems, you benefit from this shampoo because it cleans very gently and leaves your hair lush because it nourishes your hair with vitamins and moisturizes it.

Try it for 6-12 months and see if your hair loss decreases. No clinical studies have been done but the only possible side effects are the effects of the caffeine, if you drink large quantities. So it can’t hurt to give it a try.

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Matcha: Extreme Green Tea

By Hannah Graham |

The health benefits of regular green tea are amazing enough. But did you know that there is another version that is even more potent? It is so potent that it has 10-15 times more nutrients than the regular kind. It even has more antioxidants than blueberries. It is called matcha green tea.

Matcha is made from only the top 2-3 leaves of the plant and uses the entire leaves. These leaves are carefully ground into a very fine powder. As a result, the tea is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

I’ll list some of the nutrients and benefits here:

* Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E and K.

* Trace amounts of the minerals calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, sodium.

* Strong blood detoxifer due to high chlorophyll content.

* 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice.

* Nine times the beta carotene of spinach. and 4 times the beta carotene of carrots

* Extremely rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) and catechins, especially EGCG, which helps fight cancer. In fact, according to a study at the University of Colorado, match has 137 times more catechins than regular tea.

* Boosts metabolic rate by 35-40%, thus assisting in weight loss.

* 2 cups of regular green tea has approximately twice the antioxidants of red wine, 7 times that of orange juice and 20 times that of apple juice. Matcha has approximately 10 times the polyphenols and antioxidants of regular teas.

* Adds fiber to the diet.

After reading that list it should be no surprise that it’s the most potent green tea in the world. It has been consumed in Japan for more than a thousand years. Buddhist monks first discovered it and this is the type that is served at Japanese tea ceremonies.

Matcha tea has to be carefully grown and shaded. Weeks before the harvest, the plants are covered to protect them from directly sunlight. The leaves turn a darker shade of green as a result, which in turn increases the production of amino acids. Amino acids increase the sweetness. So if you feared that it would be more bitter because it’s more potent, it’s not. In fact, matcha is now a common ingredient in sweets. The leaves are harvested by hand and are also ground by hand with stone. Outside the US it is often not ground properly so it’s best to purchase matcha from Japanese growers.

Even though it is so potent it only contains a small amount of caffeine (25 mg). It also contains L-theanine, which has a calming effect. Therefore the caffeine won’t raise your blood pressure. The L-theanine also helps increase the powers of alertness and concentration.

If you are already a lover of green tea you might want to consider adding match to the mix. Even if you aren’t a fan of the regular, brewed versions you might want to give this a try because the taste is pleasant and sweet. The health benefits are so great that everyone should at least give it a try.

Ready to try some matcha tea? Click here for affordable matcha tea delivered right to your door.

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Green tea is a natural remedy for acne

By Hannah Graham |

Hormones and bacteria are the root of most acne problems.

Hormones can produce excess oil and clog pores. The growth hormones during adolescence are at a peak, of course, and acne can be a reaction to these hormones.

There’s a bacteria on our skin called Propionibacterium acnes that people with acne have in larger amounts. This bacteria attracts white blood cells. These white blood cells produce. This causes inflammation and the red bumps characteristic of acne.

Green tea is an anti-bacterial substance and also helps regulate hormones. This is why you see it in many creams and other topical substances used to treat acne. In China, green tea is called “pimple tea.” In addition to the anti-bacterial properties, it helps cleanse your body from the inside and rid it of toxins.

The nice part about drinking green is not only does it help prevent you from getting more acne, it has many other health benefits too. Green tea has high levels of anti-oxidants because the leaves are steamed shortly after they are harvested, not fermented. These anti-oxidants fight the free radicals that wreck havoc on our cells and cause tissue damage, including acne.

Unlike many natural remedies, green tea is inexpensive and widely available. If you have never cared for the taste of tea don’t give up. There are many blends out there that are flavorful and not bitter. Experiment and see. Just don’t add sugar to your tea because it will dilute the anti-oxidants. A cup or two a day is all it will take to see a noticeable improvement in your acne and overall energy levels and well-being.

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The proper way to brew green tea

By Hannah Graham |

Many people are put off by green tea because they think it tastes bitter. But it doesn’t have to be bitter! Brewed correctly it will have a mild, flavorful taste.

Here are some brewing tips:

1.    The water should not be too hot. This is the #1 mistake. You don’t need boiling water. The proper temperature is 175 degrees.

2.    Use fresh tea. If it is older than six months you should discard it. It only has a shelf life of six months.

3.   Don’t use too much tea. You’ll have to experiment, of course. In general, one teaspoon for every 8-10 ounces of water is the right amount.

4.  Use a teapot specially designed for green tea if you are going to drink it regularly. Yes, it does improve the quality to use the proper equipment.

5. Brew for the proper length of time to avoid bitterness. Somewhere between 2-5 minutes is usually right. If you stick to this time frame you will fully extract the anti-oxidants but avoid the bitterness. If you are using teabags make sure they remain fully submerged in the water rather than floating on top, so that the anti-oxidants are fully absorbed into the water.

If you are following the brewing suggestions properly and still don’t care for the taste, don’t give up. The health benefits of green tea are so great that it’s worth experimenting with different brands until you find one that suits you.

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Green tea vs. soda

By Hannah Graham |

Wild Cherry Pepsi is my one dietary vice. I used to drink 1-3 cans per day.

I didn’t have to feel too guilty about this vice. I’m thin and my teeth are resistant to tooth decay; I’ve never had a cavity. But ever since reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan I’ve wanted to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my diet. Also, there is simply nothing healthy about soda.

I’ve never been able to drink much water unless it is a hot day and I’m very, very thirsty. I don’t drink coffee and I’ve always been underwhelmed by tea. So I figured I was stuck with Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Then one day I was reading an off-topic discussion in a forum that I frequent. The thread was about health tips and a few people mentioned the wonders of green tea. They went on about how it gives them energy, is loaded with anti-oxidants and they drink it every day.

That night my teenage daughter said she was going to prepare herself a cup of green tea. Green tea? What a coincidence. I didn’t even know we had any around the house. She insisted that this particular type of green tea – Stash chai green tea, to be precise – has a wonderful taste because of the spices and doesn’t require sugar or honey or anything added to it. I asked her to make me a cup.

Wow! It was good! I’ve been drinking it 1-2 times per day ever since then. Not all green teas are created equal; I’ve since tried other types of green tea that were bleah. This is a green tea that is able to satisfy even me, a Wild Cherry Pepsi enthusiast.

Now, before you run off and buy some green tea let me warn you: do not add sugar or milk to the tea! This will minimize the effectiveness of the anti-oxidants. Experiment and find a green tea blend that you like without adding anything to it.

If you aren’t motivated to run off and buy some green tea let me give you a list of a few of the health benefits of green tea:

I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Another point to consider: green tea is cheaper than soda too. You can even reuse the tea bags, if you are especially thrifty. Or buy loose tea. It’s also easy to carry the tea bags in your purse or wallet or pockets.

If you’re a soda addict I hope you will now be motivated to at least give green tea a chance. You won’t regret it. And, yes, I still indulge in the occasional Wild Cherry Pepsi but I feel less guilty now.

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Green Tea Reviews

By Hannah Graham |

There are three main types of green tea: loose, bag, bottled. I’ll review some of the well known brands of teas from each category.

Bottled Green Tea

Obviously a hot, fresh cup of green tea is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of the tea. In our hectic society, however, it’s not always possible to take the time to prepare a hot cup of tea. Rather than reach for a can of soda or a cup of coffee you might want to consider some bottled tea.

Some bottled teas have fruit flavorings in them that contain anti-oxidants. Drinking one of these bottles is the equivalent of a serving or two of vegetables.

Republic of Tea carries 14+ fruit-flavored tea with no sugar added. You can never go wrong buying tea from this company. Their tea can be found at most grocery stores. Lipton Green Tea to Go (add it to bottled water to make instant green tea).

Arizona and Snapple make good bottled teas but they are sweetened.

Honest Tea carries sweetened and flavored organic bottled teas.

Keep in mind that bottled tea has significantly less polyphenols (anti-oxidants) than brewed tea. This is because of the corn syrup and sugar that is added to the tea; it dilutes the anti-oxidants. It makes for a great thirst quencher on a hot day and is certainly better than sugary drinks but don’t completely abandon cups of hot tea in the warm weather.

Green Tea Bags

Tea bags are not as convenient as bottles but are more convenient than loose tea. It only takes a couple of minutes to heat up a cup of water and then another couple of minutes for the tea bag to brew. Used tea bags even serve a useful purpose. If you have a canker sore or cut yourself, place a used tea bag on it. Green tea is know for its anti-biotic properties.

Republic of Tea sells a variety of green tea bags; one flavor for each day of the week, in fact. Check out some of the flavors: Honey Ginseng, Orange Spice, Pineapple Ginger and more.

Loose Tea

True tea connoisseurs prefer loose tea. Loose tea has several advantages. It’s cheaper than tea bags and also requires less packaging so is easier on the environment. Used tea leaves serve many useful purposes too. From removing rust on iron pots to removing odors in the refrigerator to keeping pests away from rose bushes. There’s an almost endless use for used tea leaves.

Are you put off by loose tea because of the added preparation time? Brewing loose tea is easy. Use filtered or bottled water, if possible. The water need to be hot, to aid in the extraction of the anti-oxidants, but don’t boil the water. Boiled water will make the tea taste bitter.

Allow the tea to infuse for 2-5 minutes. The longer it infuses the more polyphenols (anti-oxidants) you’ll get.

Republic of Tea sells many different types of loose tea. Their tea is available in most grocery stores and health food stores.

If you would like the convenience of green tea shipped to your door you should try Mellow Monk’s Green Teas. I highly recommend their starter kit if you are new to green tea. They offer many flavors of tea and there is one that is sure to please your palette.

As you can see, there are healthy alternatives in all the forms of green tea. Try to incorporate green tea into your diet every day. You’ll notice the benefits immediately.


Get more information about green tea from the Complete Guide of Green Tea. Available for immediate download.

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Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

By Hannah Graham |

Yes, green tea has caffeine. If you’re worried about caffeine, relax. Green tea has half the caffeine of a can of Coke (30-60 mg per serving). It has less than half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. And if you drink green tea you will relax without even trying. Unlike the caffeine in soda and coffee, the caffeine in green tea does not raise your blood pressure. It even has a calming effect, in spite of the caffeine.

Are you still worried about the caffeine in green tea? If so, it’s not surprising, considering how caffeine often gets a bad rap. Studies show that our bodies benefit from a moderate intake of caffeine each day. If you’re avoiding caffeine for health reasons you’re actually depriving your body of health benefits.

The best way to get caffeine is in green tea. Don’t add sugar to the green tea because that will dilute the benefits of the caffeine.

There are benefits to green tea apart from the caffeine, of course. For example, Purdue University conducted a study that showed that green tea has a compound that helps fight cancer cells. Also, if you have rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune difficulties, high cholesterol, frequent infections and heart disease, green tea has been proven to be effective. It also destroys the bacteria that causes tooth decay. These are just a few of the benefits of green tea. It can even help you lose weight! But I’ll save those wondrous details for another article.

You’re probably wondering: Why green tea instead of other types of tea?

Green tea leaves are steamed whereas black and oolong tea leaves are fermented and the compounds in them are not nearly as effective as a result.

If you’ve avoided green tea because you don’t like the taste let me assure you that there is a huge variety of green tea available. Some are blended with spices, some have an edgier taste, some are almost sweet.


If you want to start exploring the world of green tea there’s no better place to start than Mellow Monk’s Green Teas starter pack. All their teas are affordable and shipped right to your door. The tea is grown on family farms in Japan. Some of these farms have been in the same family for several generations.

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Green Tea Caffeine

By Hannah Graham |

You’ve heard about all the downsides of caffeine. Maybe you’ve even cut back on caffeine for health reasons. But did you know that there is a type of caffeine that actually improves your health? Green tea contains this caffeine.

What makes green tea caffeine superior to the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee? For starters, the caffeine in green tea dissolves quicker. Caffeine stimulates every organ of the body and helps you remain alert. It’s nice to have a moderate amount of caffeine in one’s diet if possible.

If you avoid caffeine because of high blood pressure keep in mind that green tea only has half the caffeine of a can of Coke. Also, the theanine (an amino acid) in green tea creates a calming effect even with the caffeine. This calming effect even helps counteract the rise in blood pressure that normally happens with caffeine intake.

Green tea contains polyphenols. Plants create polyphenols for their protection. The polyphenols are antioxidants that shield the plants from environmental harm.

When the caffeine is combined with these polyphenols in green tea all kinds of wonderful things happen:

* Your body produces heat, which in turn burns fat, according to the International Journal of Obesity.
* Your leptin levels decrease and you feel less hungry. A natural appetite suppressant.
* Your body can more easily fight the free radicals that cause cell damage.
* Energy expenditure doubles when combined with green tea.
* It helps prevent skin cancer caused by UV rays.

There are so many other benefits to green tea. In this article I just wanted to help show you that you shouldn’t fear the caffeine in green tea. In fact, you should seek it out!

If green tea hasn’t ever been your cup of tea (ahem) I encourage you to experiment. There are many blends out there and there’s sure to be one that pleases your taste buds. I used to rely on Wild Cherry Pepsi to get me through the day and now have two cups of green tea every day. If I can become a lover of green tea anyone can. I know of no better way to get mega doses of antioxidants in addition to an energy boost.


If you’re looking for a new green tea to try I highly recommend Mellow Monk’s Green Teas. Try their starter pack. Their tea is grown on small family farms in Japan and shipped right to your door. It’s affordable too.

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